Wm. Newell Sheridan

945 Mountain Branch Dr. Birmingham, AL 35226

Phone: 205-978-3773 or Cell: 205-541-3258

Email: nsheridan@sheridanbrass.com

First, check out the new trombone hand rest. The intention of this website is to further the art of brass playing by meeting the specialized needs of each individual brass player. Every person who plays a brass instrument has a set of personal needs to play their best. My intention is to provide the right instrument for every trombonist or trumpeter possible.

One of the biggest advantages of playing a Shires is that you can put together your own instrument and play on a custom trumpet or trombone that you designed yourself at a reasonable price.

Sheridan Brass is independent of S. E. Shires. I am a retailer just like any music store. My occupation is making road-trips and appearances, mostly throughout the Southeastern US to make these great instruments and accessories available to everyone I can.

Contact me if you would like me to visit you or your school or if you would like tocome by my new showroom, but before coming by, give me a call at 205 541-3258 to make sure I'm here. I may be on the road

Wm. Newell Sheridan